Our adventure begins

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August 22, 2017

So, this is where it all begins….no wait, coming to think about it, it actually all started out on a cloudy and windy day on a beach in Mauritius back in 2016. I was working as a Sales & Marketing intern at a 5-star luxury resort and struggling with the decision on where to go from this point on in my professional life.

Well, I somehow ended up with wine – but how did I get here?

The hotel back in Mauritius had a strong focus on wine throughout its culinary concept – with somewhat over 2000 different wines stored in its wine cellar. At this point I had no real ties to wine supply chain management, but I started to wonder how all those bottles ended up here. Growing up in a wine region, I was familiar with wineries and the processes behind all that – maybe exactly because of that, I got so curious what led the vintners to ship their wines to an island in the middle of the Indian ocean.

Fortunately there was Sanat, he was the Head Sommelier and incidentally a super nice guy. I joined several wine tastings and got in touch with the F&B team as well as some wineries who presented their wines. I relatively quickly started to wonder how Sanat manages to stay up to date on the various trends and how he handles the sourcing process of over 2000 different wines. It turned out, that he has to devote a lot of time on sourcing the wines from around the world and that he, although he was quite happy about the upcoming fact, has to travel to get to know new wineries and meet vintners in person.

Quite nice, right?

However, in the end someone has to pay for all that. That’s why I started brainstorming on finding an easier and more efficient way! Here’s where the cloudy and windy day at the beach comes in – Why not create a network of wineries and F&B outlets, without portfolio restrictions by merchants, to ease the sourcing pain? On this day the seed for Grapevine was planted somewhere in the back of my head – and ever since grew bit by bit.

Almost exactly one year later, it’s not me alone anymore! Grapevine consists of a team of passionate winemakers, Martin and Dietmar, Valerie in strategic planning who is located in Amsterdam and myself, Nik.

Now this might be the time where our adventure really begins. Exciting times are ahead of us. We can’t wait!