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September 10, 2017

Fast forward to January 2017 when Grapevine – well to be honest our rough idea of it – got its first exposure to the real world.

Valerie and I, at this time working on our Bachelors thesis, decided to test the concept in form of, you guessed it, our thesis. This enabled us to tackle the issue on a completely different level than other start-ups in their pre-founding phase do.

We approached our concept in a highly academic manner and began the process with primary research on the current market situation, processes, market player as well as pains and needs of the industry.

Luckily, there was Valerie!

She has such a drive when it comes to “getting things done” – in our particular case getting confirmations from interview partners from the wine and F&B industry.

And oh boy, she managed to secure us a ton of interviews!

We had the chance to talk to a bunch of highly professional sommeliers, winemakers and restaurant owners, all ready to answer our question catalogue.This was the time where our “rough idea” became a little bit sharpened. We realized that our initial thought of introducing restaurants to small boutique wineries and thereby creating a lobbying platform for the two parties was a nice idea, however not needed by the industry.

So, back to square one.

The more we proceeded with our Bachelors thesis and interviews, Valerie and I started to gain deeper insights in the processes and supply chains that were in place. We started altering our way of conducting interviews, we replaced questions and scraped entire chapters.

Suddenly, the narratives of our expert talks started to change.

We got real insights on pains and needs of each party involved when sourcing wine. So we adapted our idea accordingly. We learned that time, positioning and certain restrictions in the process are main pains in the gastronomy sector. Wineries on the other hand are looking for a way of distributing their wines without having to discount prices and surrendering control of sales channels.

There it was, the first draft of Grapevines’ initial concept. Fueled by extensive academic research, expert interviews and sweaty moments on bikes cycling from one interview to another.

Have a good one!