That’s what happened over the past few months

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Januar 18, 2018

Woah, it has already been 4 months since you heard from us. Why, you ask?

Puh where do I start, there was so much going on at Grapevine, that we actually would need 1 or 2 bottles of wine to cover all of it, but since I only have this blog entry, I’ll try my best to wrap it up as well as possible.

So let’s dive right into it- shall we?

Let’s kick it off with our wild card for the Startup Live accelerator in Vienna back in October 2017. I think it’s fair to say, that this was one of the most valuable experiences we’ve gained over the past few months. Starting from refining our business model to pitching in front of real investors and business experts. Startup Live had it all. We even got to establish new contacts with industry experts as well as business angels that are actively providing helpful input until today.

Peter came from South Tyrol just for the accelerator, which gave him a perfect chance to dive into the world of Grapevine, entrepreneurship and startups. You could say, that this was Peter’s kick-off with Grapevine – he ever since spreads the word of Grapevine down in Italy.

Fully packed with to-dos and challenges, we gathered during our expert talks at Startup Live, we started collecting LOIs (and are still doing so). These Letters of Intend, serve as a solid base for our in-depth market validation. Since customer feedback is so incredibly valuable to us, we keep on talking and meeting restaurant owners and wineries to develop the product that fits their needs best – and it’s a great way to meet new people and get to step into their shoes.

I’ll skip all the boring leg work – you know…e-mails, web design sessions, moments of despair followed by wine followed again by moments of despair. But hey, that’s what makes a startup so interesting and fun – the almost impossible challenge. No worries, we got through 😉

In January, we welcomed another team member to the Grapevine family. Markus joined as our desperately needed software developer and instantly started working out plans for software optimization and UX/UI enhancements. Glad to have you on board Markus!

Last week was our first big team weekend of two super successful days. The whole team made it to Vienna!
Peter traveled from Italy to Vienna, Martin and Didi put the wine production on hold for two days – btw, the new vintage is going to be awesome – Markus was there and even Valerie made it via Skype all the way from Amsterdam to Vienna. It was simply great and super productive!

After reassigning some roles and tasks, we’re back out there working on getting Grapevine to the market. One step closer every day. Sometimes they are smaller, sometimes we leap towards our goals.

Grapevine is finally a well-rounded team of friends – all incredibly strong in their respective fields.

Let’s get back to work!